Alf's PowerToys

11 Filters



Original Photos




Channel Gradient

Channel Offset

Channel Spin

creates a gradient of colors in several directions, depending 
on how you set the controls



offsets each of the channels in both Horizontal and Vertical



rotates each of the channels in

 clockwise and counterclockwise
directions. It also allows you to

 apply a spherical distortion


Color Grid


Difference Noise

It creates a grid of evenly spaced

 lines on top of the picture or a

 new layer of transparency.  

You control grid size.


A weird shift in the picture palette

 results from applying this filter




A different kind of noise

You control noise intensity




Hue Emboss

Mirror Offset


gives you the embossed look

 without turning your picture 

into a grayish
mixture of everything


It applies a mirror, either horizontal

 or vertical to the picture. 

The mirror can be moved in both directions


creates an "explosion" of noise

coming from the
center of the picture



Split Distortion


applies a spherical mirror 

kind of distortion

Another kind of noise




All Filters in .8bf and .afs (source files for the Filter Factory plug-in) format.


 Download Alf's PowerToys Filters