8 Filters



Original Photo



A Beveller

A Drop Shadow

A Grey Area

Control Thickness, Lighting, 

Transparency, and Smoothness

4  Bevel Styles to Use


Control Color,  X and Y offsets,

Transparency and Blur

6 Types of Shadows 


Control Hue, Intensity,

Transparency and Boost of

7 Base Colors


A Halo

A Lightning Maker

A Puddle

Control Thickness and

Transparency of 5 Styles

in Color of Your Choice


Control Color, Wonkiness,

Forkiness and Spread of 3 Styles

With Option to Randomize


Control Reflection, 

Displacement, Lighting Strength, Perspective and Scale


A Shape Cutter

A Warper

Control Points, Depth, Transparency 

and Rotation of 3 Shapes (gear, star, petals).


Control Warp Factor, Twirl , and Transparency

of 4 Styles (normal, pinch, inflate & twirl) 



All Filters in .8bf  format.

Download Almathera Filters