Crescent Moon

11 Filters



Original Photo


Color Spinner

Color Switcher

Cut Glass

Control RGB Shifts and



0-255, Grey to Black

Below is upper 190's


Control Tile Size & Transparency

and Overall Transparency


Fade Out



Control RGB Amounts

and Transparency


6 Controls for RGB Light/Dark

Has Transparency Control


Control Horiz and Vert Spacing

and Transparency


Spooky Fade

Strip Tile

Terra Cotta 

Control RGB Additions

and Transparency


Control Horiz Sections, Vert Stretch,

and Transparency 


Control Tile Numbers and Vert/Horz Source


Tri-Mirror Tile

Warm Cloth

Control Tile Size, Sourse Position

and Transparency


Control Effect Depth, Bleed, Vert. & Horiz.

 Spacing, Halo & RGB Reduction



All Filters in .8bf  format.

Download  Crescent Moon Shareware Filters