14 Effects



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All Filters in .8bf  format.

Except For Chrome & Water Paper, All Effects Are Dependent On Foreground/Background Colors

Bas Relief

Chalk & Charcoal


Control Detail, Smoothness 

and Light Direction


Control Chalk Area, Charcoal

 Area and Stroke Pressure


Control Thickness, Detail, 

Light/Dark Balance



Conte' Crayon

Graphic Pen

Control Detail and Smoothness






Control Foreground and

 Background Levels, Texture,

 Scaling, Relief, 

and Light Direction

Allows custom .psd files for texture


Control Stroke Length, 

Light/Dark Balance, 

andStroke Direction




Halftone Pattern

Note Paper


Control Size, Contrast, 

and Pattern Type


Control Image Balance, 

Graininess, and Relief


Control Detail 

and Darkness





Control Image Balance

 Smoothness, and Light Position


Control Density, Black Level

 and White Level


Control Light/Dark Balance 

and Smoothness


Torn Edges

Water Paper

Control Image Balance, 

Smoothness and Contrast


Control Fiber Length, 

Brightness and Contrast



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